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Hi, I recently applied for a

Hi, I recently applied for a role as a 3D modeler.  Please let me know if you'd like my assistance.

Discord and username (and my name everywhere on the internet): Kalephrex, Kalephrex#0634 for discord

Form Submitted 12/18/18

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Hi, I’d like to sign up for

Hi, I’d like to sign up for tool development, scripts, and quality testing. I have 15 years experience developing C code for embedded computing products and operating systems - lots of state machines, 25 years developing desktop applications in C++ and various scripting languages. Lesser experience with C# and .NET but I like both. I have a strong math background and personal experience with coding height field and terrain processing tools. I’m modding Skyrim SE, fixing many mods to work with YASH2, so I’m learning a lot about Papyrus and the various data records.

I noticed Nav Meshing is/was a big concern, if it still is there are algorithms that can get you 99% of the way to a quality mesh, but it would mean loading all the geometry data in the BSAs and processing it in a standalone app - not the CK - and then inserting the nav meshes back into a BSA. I’d enjoy doing that for you if the team is interested. Otherwise throw me at anything else.

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Hi I applied for a bunch of

Hi I applied for a bunch of different 3D roles today 12/31/2018

tesrenewal: Danzo

discord: danzo#9566

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Username Discord/TESRenewal:

Username Discord/TESRenewal: 84f1r3b1rd

Hi, looking to contribute. I do 3D modeling all day at work, and was hoping I could assist with some of the 3D models. I have never done any mod work, but I have lots of experience, and I have put in hundreds of hours between Oblivion and Skyrim. Besides, this project sounds a lot more interesting than modeling plastic molded parts and electrical components all day...


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Username Discord: VulcanIV

Username Discord: VulcanIV#2093

Applied as 3D Artist for Skyblivion(quite proficient in creature modeling)

Hope to hear from you soon.