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Are the Skyblivion FormIDs retained? Much Needed Info

     Much needed infomation, As I'll be porting over alot of Oblivion Mods like TWMP, Elsweyr, Valenwood Improved etc. If All FormIDs are the same in Skyblivion as they were in Oblivion then conversion would be much easier.

Question? Rather Important

  1. Would I be safe using Skyblivion v0.3.3 as a Master for another Mod? or should I wait until it's final release?
  2. Does Skyblivion retain the same FormIDs from Oblivion?
  3. Also will Skyblivion version 0.3.3 FormIDs be the same as the Public release of Skyblivion?
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better off using the reddit

better off using the reddit or discord