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[CREATION KIT] Old Team Member getting back into Skyrim

I was active on the project a few years ago doing modeling before I dropped off. In the last few months, I've been getting back into to Skyrim and modding it again, but I've been short of inspiration for my own projects. I'd love to do a couple caves or dungeons for you guys, if you'd have me. I'm not too keen to get back into doing models, as I'm not nearly on the same level as some of the other artists here, but I'm well used to doing ck work on big projects. I worked on Tamriel Rebuilt for a few years as both a creator and reviewer for interiors and exteriors.

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Hello cire992 ! Thanks for

Hello cire992 ! Thanks for applying !

For interior landscapers work is pretty scarce right now, so the entry standard is set higher than usual. That being said, if you are up for the task, we'd like you to submit a Skyrim test cave, using Skyrim's assets to show us that you can proficiently clutter a cave in an "organic" way with rocks, plants, lighting, FX, etc.

However, if you feel like exterior is something that you are more comfortable helping with, you can also submit a new test worldspace, showing us you can design and landscape exteriors.