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Thank you kindly for reviewing my application.

As an avid fan of Elder Scrolls, particularly the story arcs dealing with Morrowind and/or the Dunmer in general, I was rather thrilled when I found out that a monumental effort was being made to not only remake, but reimagine one of the greatest fantasy stories of the modern age.  I desire to contribute all I can, if allowed, and I enjoy working with others to refine ideas and create a richer, more vibrant storytelling for fans.  I do, afterall, enjoy a polished story with multi-dimensional characters and a living, breathing setting.

Perhaps the current writer seats are filled but linked to this thread is a document containing several short samples of what I can offer as a writer and storyteller if the need arises.  Please note that all samples pertain in some way to the Elder Scrolls storyline, even if somewhat hyperbolized and mildy lore-fluid by an adoring fan (forgive my incomplete knowledge of exact lore: it is quite expansive, after all).  I included such samples as to narrow down what I can offer specifically to this project.

Also attached you will find a link to my Instagram page where you will discover images of the corporeal manifestations of what I can offer in regards to design and concept (meaning, I make things).  As a costumer and leather artist I have an extensive knowledge of the use for many natural materials (as might be used similarly by characters within the games) and also the history and processes by which these materials were used in real life.  I believe an approach on this front might add depth to the integrity of the overall atmosphere of Skywind.  Real-life historical (or modern) facts can be implemented into the everyday lives of Tamriel's people to create a deeper, more relatable connection between the player and the alive world of Nirn.  Perhaps my knowledge and experience in not only artisan crafting but also historical interpretation might aid the endeavor to put the 'why' and 'how' behind what the player sees and hears in game.

Thank you for being patient through my rather long-winded introduction to my passion and skills.  If nothing else, I do appreciate the collective effort of thousands of people working on this project and I hope everyone involved will benefit greatly from their labors.  It has been a pleasure.

~Your hopeful scribe,

    Sarah McClain


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