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3D modeller application


My name is Sam and I am a 3D artist based in the UK. I have a few years working as a professional, mainly on automotive assets but I do enjoy creating a larger variety of assets including organic models.

My commitment levels would likely range from 5-10 hours a week to begin with as I work full time but I may also be able to contribute at weekends.

I would be happy to work on a range of assets, props and weapons would probably be more ideal to at least begin with so that I can become familiar with the required workflow of production.

I have always heard people say that Morrowind is the best Elder Scrolls game so far so it would be great to be involved in getting the game updated to todays standards. I hope to get experience working within a development team as I would love to one day move roles professionally into a game related role.

Any questions, please ask :)


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