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3d modeller, animator and rigger wishes to help

Hello! My name is George, I am from Serbia, and I am a great fan of Elder scrolls III Morrowind. 

I wanted to say that I enjoyed your work so far, and I'd love to work with you on this.

I am capable of modelling , texturing, and rigging. 

I am good with animations, but I do not understand the curves yet. 

I can also draw and paint and sculpt, make what you want from me I am here to offer myself. :D 


P.s. above is my artstation portfolio.


Best regards!



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Hi George!

Hi George!
I head the Animation Department on the project, and we could certainly use more riggers on the team. If you're interested in giving that a shot, join us on our discord here: 


Once there, shoot me a message(Coal#7608), and I can set you up with a simple rigging test.