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(3d Modeling)(voice acting)(mis)looking to join the team and help get this project done

Hello I am a huge elder scrolls fan I played Morrowind when it first came out for the first Xbox. Ever since then graphic design and game development has been my goal. At first I started putting looking up mods until i started making my own avatar and putting myself in games like I did for gta san ,gta 4, fallout 4 , skyrim and others . Seeing myself in a remade Morrowind would be epic and I have been doing graphic design for over 5 years . I can rig I have been learning more on maya animation not to much on the new tools but I'm getting there. Using the CK for creating scenes dont seem to hard i have played around with it here and there its like using unity or any of the other game dev software . 

I have plenty of time to help if its creating anything 3d , or helping with sound files I can do that . If I can help with anything else I will be happy to maybe landscaping cause using the ck ant that hard . A picture of my character I put in to skyrim of me is my picture on this site as my icon Happy Holidays and Thanks



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Hi Turner. I suspect you're a

Hi Turner. I suspect you're a little too far away from our current 3D standard. You can try modeling a piece of armor, sword or some clutter as a test. It'll need to be Skyrim quality, or above.

For sound files, you need to check in the sound cutting thread here on the forum.