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Crash when "Take All" from Madrale Thirith's body

After taunting & killing Madrale Thirith in the Council Club for the "Larrius Varro Tells a Little Story" quest, the game always hangs (never CTD) if I [Take All] when looting her body. If I take the items one at a time, there is no problem. 

I've restarted 3 completely new games after adjusting my mods each time to try and improve stability, but it's 100% repeatable every time. I have the save game and Wrye Bash config which will recreate it. I was going to attach them, but the forum won't upload files.

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I can verify this. She has

I can verify this. She has probes in her inventory in negative amount and for some reason that causes them to not show up when looting and glitches the game when you press "take all".

She's not the only NPC potentially affected, so I'll have to go through all NPCs who sell probes.

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Llemisa Marys in Hla Oad

Llemisa Marys in Hla Oad (Fatleg's Drop Off basement) is also one of these NPCs. Dead, her lockpicks can be taken, but not the probes.