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[WIP/REL] Morroblivion + T.I.E.

This is a small, but fairly important patch for those who use Arthmoor's popular Tamriel Immersion Experience mod. Most weapons have their damage increased by a huge margin, but its effects don't cross over to Morroblivion's weapons, making them laughably bad in comparison.

This mod aims to change that by manually editing the values for almost all weapons so the two are nearly identical. Enchantments and scripts are untouched, so this should be safe to use so long as you aren't using anything else that modifies the Morroblivion weapons.

Spears and Halberds didn't have any equivalents, obviously, so I had to improvise with those stats, hence the WIP status. Artifacts, Nordic, and Nordic Silver weapons and staves are also untouched, as they seemed strong enough (or weak enough in the case of staves) on their own.

Version 1.0 can be found here.