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[WIP] No Delay Guild Advancement

There is often a noticeable delay prior to getting a message that you are eligible for guild advancement.  This is because the eligibility for guild advancement is calculated by a script which only updates about once every 5 seconds and ONLY when you are outside of Dialog or Menu mode.  This mod creates an "UpdateNow" function for immediate calculation of eligibility.  It can be called within the Dialog/Menus whenever a guild requirement changes (like turning in a quest, etc.).

Currently, the only supported guild is the Mage's Guild.  The immediate eligibility calculation is currently only called by the Advancement topic, which allows you to queue up your guild advancements to be done one after the other.  This is done by turning in several quests at once and then clicking Advancement back to back.

To Do:
- Call UpdateNow function whenever Guild reputation changes.
- Implement code to do the same for all other Guilds/Factions.