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[WIP] CM Partners Unofficial v3.0 with Morroblivion add-on

This is a current work-in-progess version of my Unofficial v3.0 patch to the CM-Partners 2.0 base ESM.  It will upgrade all compatible CM-Partners NPCs and Mods with new features.  It also contains a more updated version of the Morroblivion-CM-Partners add-on originally made by Theramalse.

CM Partners v2.0 - http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/7819/?
Morroblivion v064

Load CM-Partners-v3-patch.esp after CM Partners.esm and CM Partners.esp.
Load Morroblivion-CM Partners.esp after Morrowind_ob.esm and CM Partners.esm.

Tip: Install the "CM Partners.esm" and "CM Partners.esp" from the "\CMPartners - OblivionandSI OBSE\"  folder, you can ignore all other versions of these two files. 

Then install the addons like "CM Partners NPC.esp", "CM Partners More NPCS.esp" and "CM Partners Extra NPCs.esp" which are in the main folder. 

Don't forget about the \Sound\ folder.​

Current Features:
- Supports much better formating for Darnified UI message boxes
- Bug fixes to Dialog Topics so that commands are organized within dialog branches as originally intended.
- Main scripts rewritten to be compatible with CSE and also more readable.
- Backward compatible with all Mods written for CM Partners 2.0.
- Stat screen now shows NPC name, race, class, class specialization

To Do for CM-Partners patch:
- Smarter AI and script behavior for Following and Combat.
- Party formations for combat, exploring and stealth modes.
- Cleaner and more intuitive dialog command interface.
- Stat interface expansion to show Status Effects / Diseases and Spell List.
- Interactions between NPC party members.
- Better framework for building more interactive custom partners.

To Do for Morroblivion add-on:
- Support recruiting any slave/freed slave.
- Add appropriate guild factions to existing partners.
- Add new partners based off of NPC hirelings from Morrowind Comes Alive.
- Add new spawning bandit groups designed for party combat (as inspired by MCA as well).
- Add partner reaction dialog to quest events.
- Quest choices will modify partner disposition.

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Here is an OCO2 compatibility

Here is an OCO2 compatibility patch for all NPCs included with CM Partners v2.0 as well as the Morroblivion add-on NPCs.  Put it after all your CM Partners ESPs and then recreate your Bashed Patch.  Do not merge or activate this patch, just let Wrye Bash import face settings into your Bashed Patch.  When Wrye Bash completes the bashed patch, you should see a dot in the box instead of a check mark or plus sign.

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