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[REL] Vurt's Bitter Coast Tree Replacer II for Morroblivion v1.1

Vurt's Bitter Coast Tree Replacer II for Morroblivion (v1.1)  

Version 1.1: ESP was cleaned and records undeleted with TES4Edit. No other changes.

Replaces Bitter Coast Trees with Bald Cypress and other swampy trees.  In contrast to the original Morrowind mod, the trees will only be changed when ESP is enabled.   VWD files are a separate download (but need good system sine there is no reduction in LOD).  You'll need to use TES4LODGen to enable the VWD models once they are installed.

To Do:
- Make better collision polygons.
- Make real LOD models for VWD.

Known Issues:
- These are static models and not speed trees, so they are not animated and not as efficient in term so of performance impact.
- Most collision polygons have very low triangle counts, so don't expect to sit/stand on branches.
- There is some texture flickering in the leaves because I don't know what I'm doing when it comes to enabling alpha transparency in NifSkope.
- There are no VWD/LOD models generated yet. I've copied some of the models into VWD models but there is no reduction in detail so you need a good system to run them -- look for a separate download.  

This is part of my conversion of MGSO 3.0 to Morroblivion.  Credits to Vurt (the original mod author) and Kingpix/Orntiocopter Team for the MGSO 3.0 mod compilation.   

Find the original Morrowind mod here: http://www.nexusmods.com/morrowind/mods/37489/?  
And MGSO for Morrowind here: http://www.ornitocopter.net/morrowind-overhaul/


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