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Fixing creature attack timings (aka Alit machine-gun attacks)

Hi.  This is a workaround file so that the Alit is not able to "machine-gun" attack you if you block it.  Previously, the alit's standard attack takes 533 milliseconds but, due to how Oblivion handles recoil, it could hit you every 167 milliseconds when you try to block it.  

With this recoil file installed in the "\Data\Meshes\Creatures\Alit" directory, the alit will "recoil" for 333 milliseconds before attacking again when you block.  Of course, that still means the Alit is able to attack about every 500 milliseconds when you block (33 milliseconds faster than if you hadn't blocked at all).  


Those of you who play Street Fighter may be familiar with the concept of cancelling into a combination move.  That's what most of the Morroblivion creatures are doing when you block them.  The Oblivion engine will play their attack animation up to the "hit" time-marker.  If you successfully block, Oblivion will cancel the rest of the creature's attack animation and play the recoil animation.  However, if there is no recoil animation file present, the Oblivion engine allows the creature to immediately issue another attack.  

What I've done is duplicate/modify the stagger animation file to also be played in place of a recoil animation.  Specifically, I extracted the alit's animations from the Morroblivion - meshes.bsa and then used Nifskope to replace the word "stagger" with "recoil" and then saved the file as recoil.kf.  Of course, the real fix is to create real recoil animations and consider rebalancing the hit time-markers in the existing animations.

If anyone is interested in this hack of a work-around let me know - I have files already prepared for alit, nixhound, cliffracer, dreugh, kwamar worker, kwama warrior, steam centurion, sphere centurion.  However, the alit is the biggest offender since its "hit" time-marker is so short.

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Good find. Never noticed this

Good find. Never noticed this since I very rarely use melee in this game.