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Tribunal Quest do not start

Hi, I think the Tribunal Quest do not work correctly. If I sleep one hour or any other time length the quest do not start! (I mean, the assasin do not come to kill me in my sleep) Moreover, Apelles Matius and Asciene Raine already appears on Ebonheart although neither of them provide me the conversation options about the dark brotherhood attacks and travelling.

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It starts right after you finish the Morrowind main quest...
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There are a number of things that trigger the start of Tribunal; the Main quest is one of them but not the only one, but starting Tribunal is not automatic, and you have not given me anything to go on other than you have slept. Only the first two quests from Tribunal have been completed, and from what I understand these are not 100% either. Finishing Tribunal is on my long list of things to do, but will not happen any time soon.
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Yes, another way to start it is to become grandmaster of the Morag Tong - then the Dark Brotherhood will send its assassins after you. One of the goals of Morroblivion is to remove some of the "cheaterly" ways to play in Morrowind. One of those ways was to just let the tribunal assassins keep coming after you and then selling off their valuable armor. But why would the Dark Brotherhood care about assassinating a level 1 nobody? So we made it so that they will only try to take you out if you are a "somebody" in Morrowind - the nerevarine, or the grandmaster of their rivals, the Morag Tong.