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egg poacher's quest too hard

I have an issue with the quest. Quest poacher's (2nd quest of the Balmora fighter's guild).


In the mine, while in morrowind the encounters are only with Kwava Foragers. In Morroblivion the encounters are with Kwava Warriors!!

I think it is extremely hard to overcome at the level it was supposed to complete this quest.

I have some videos where you can see the increased difficulty. (There where in spanish, but you can see the diference).

Morrowind, see about in 3:55


Morroblivion, same place, about 8:20 (See also luring the Kwava Warrior in Balmora at 37:00, yes, it take me about an hour to reach the pouchers. I have to use every trick in the book without using console.)


The two videos where with a Level 1 dark elf crusader.




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Kwama Warriors can start showing up in Morrowind at 3rd level, so there really isn't that much difference. But, I have releveled the Egg Mine lists for the next release; I have redone them to now follow the Morrowind list line by line. However, Oblivion has a difficulty slider...