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Cannot Complete 2nd Thieves Guild Quest (+ misc bugs)

Finally got it installed, but having some issues:

1. Can't enter Council club in Balmora without everyone attacking me. I think this is linked to my second problem:
2. Can't complete 2nd thieves guild quest. 

For the quest I have to get a key from either the guy who owns "Nerano Manor" or his servant, who spends all his time in the council club. I used the invisibility potion you get for completing the 1st TG quest to get around the "Everyone wants to kill me" thing, and got the key from the servant in the Council Club. 

But now when I talk to "Sugar-Lips" to give her the key, the first thing she says is; "Do you have the key for Habasi?" Then it goes to the dialogue options, none of which concern the key. So I can't complete that stage. 
I'd be happy to just do some console command to get the quest line going again, "setstage etc" but I don't know enough about it to do that.  

3. Just noticed that the guards in Balmora don't go inside the guard towers, they just amass at the bottom of the staircase and then fail to ascend it. 

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Closing this issue; I just played through this quest both ways (pickpocket the key from Nerano or persuade his servant) and it worked fine.

EDIT: I should say, I had my Restored Faction Relationships patch enabled at the time.

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This bug was active for me,

This bug was active for me, at least in way. Not everyone in the council club tried to kill me but a lady in the basement did and when she did the dunmer standing by the door also attacked. I also could not persuade the servant to give me the key, despite a disposition of 100 no option to ask for the key ever appeared. By pickpocketing the servant I was able to complete the quest successfully.

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The next version of

The next version of Morroblivion Fixes will have a way to bribe Sovor Trandel into giving you the key to Nerano Manor.  The problem is that the Oblivion engine does not allow scripts to run during the bribe event, so I had to modify it to workaround that problem.  You will need disposition above 70, then a dialog option will open become available to bribe him.  Again, this will be in the NEXT version, not the current version.  However, if you are not using the current version of Morroblivion Fixes, you will be running into many other quest bugs.