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SilentStillness wrote:

SilentStillness wrote:

Here is one that is my normal narration/reading voice:

Also, here is just a random villain sounding voice:

I made several improvements to my setup.  Please listen and note the reduction in background noise.

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Heres a short audition for

Heres a short audition for some unique voices. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, as I am new to this whole voice acting thing. I saw that there may still be spots open, so I figured I'd send a few things in. 

Both are improvised lines and not actual quotes.

The first has some ominous effects I felt were suitable for a Daedric prince. The voice itself could be stylized as a dremora or any generic demon. 

The second is inspired by all the suave villains in various media. Could also be a decent style for an Imperial or High Elf baddie. 

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Hi, I'm funeralpyre88 and

Hi, I'm funeralpyre88 and this is my voiceover for Dagoth Gares. Wouldn't fit anywhere else. Uses lines from

This is it:

Let me know what you think.

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Hello, Here's my sample VO,

Hello, Here's my sample VO, some of the common phrases you linked. The quality is fair since I recorded this within 10 min without my microphone and without rehearsing it, so bare with it. I just wanted to give you a feel of my relaxed voice without adding much to it.

I don't know what forum to post this in so I wanted you guys to decide what character/race you find most fitting. I would love to voice a quest related character but then again.. it's of course your choice. :)

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I've been having way to much

I've been having way to much fun recording different voices. Naturally, I had to do Creeper the Scamp! Here's all his greetings recorded.

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Every audition before this post has been reviewed. You will have been contacted on the webpage via the PM box if you were chosen. We are still accepting auditions! Good luck!

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Heya, I don't have any

Heya, I don't have any current lines for characters, but I figured I'd put out my Demo reels from voice acting classes and see if anyone can give me any suggestions to characters that I should attempt to audition for. 

I'll be putting up my animation AND commercial reel.

Thank you for the feedback! (Send VIA pm's please) 

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Here are some unique voices I

Here are some unique voices I can do. There really aren't any I can't as long as they aren't women or children. I'm especially interested in Cicero. Enjoy.

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