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Trained actor, across the board auditions

Hey there,

I'm a graduate of the Tisch School of the Arts drama department, and I've been acting in theater for about 15 years. I'm a huge elder scrolls fan, and would love to be a part of this project.

I just took the sample lines from each of the races I was interested in, so let me know what you think.

Lucan Ostorius (Imperial Male)                                  https://tesrenewal.com/files/izzybad_skywind_voicesample1.mp3, and https://tesrenewal.com/files/izzybad_skywind_voicesample4.mp3

Bugrol gro-Bagul (Orc Male)                   https://tesrenewal.com/files/izzybad_skywind_voicesample2.mp3

Aengoth the Jeweler (Wood elf Male)    https://tesrenewal.com/files/izzybad_skywind_voicesample3.mp3

Kaye (Redguard Male)                           https://tesrenewal.com/files/izzybad_skywind_voicesample5.mp3

Orvas Dren (Dark elf Male)                    https://tesrenewal.com/files/izzybad_skywind_voicesample6.mp3

Tyermaillin (High elf Male)                         https://tesrenewal.com/files/izzybad_skywind_voicesample7.mp3

Barnand Erelie (Breton Male)                     https://tesrenewal.com/files/izzybad_skywind_voicesample8.mp3






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Hi Izzy :)

Hi Izzy :)

You need to post in the individual race threads.

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Amazing, the talent this

Amazing, the talent this project attracts! :)

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Amazing work Izzy!

Amazing work Izzy!