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Heres my audition, I used the

Heres my audition, I used the Bugrol gro-Bagul sample line, but am applying for orcs as general.
I have the same file with a 7 percent pitch drop which I prefer, as well as the original. I was unsure of the emotional context, I went for. Bugrol did something bad, but was trying to pretend he didn't. He found someone on the road, and is trying to persuade them to help. He states the problem, and them is proud of himself for escaping/hiding, giving away he actually did the thing. Then is trying to persuade the character to do the task of giving the note. Would appreciate feedback! thanks.


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Greetings Im Dmitri J. ,

Greetings Im Dmitri J. , hereby one of my first tryouts for my deep voice of a Orc. I wanted to request more lines of a Orc or find out where to find them? 

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So i made a Quick Orc

So i made a Quick Orc Audition too.
I could sing drinking or Battle Songs too in  a Darker deeper Voice.

But first for this try

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Hi, here's my Orc audition!

Hi, here's my Orc audition!

There may be a tiny bit of background hum, because for the sake of speed I used my office computer to record rather than my studio computer, which is silent.

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First time trying out voice

First time trying out voice acting. Really hyped for Skywind and want to contribute where I can! 

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Here is my audition for any

Here is my audition for any available Orc roles.  Thank you for your time.  :)

-Leif Grant

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Hello everyone!

Hello everyone!

I'm new here, but definitely interested in Skywind and voice auditions! I'm also new to voice auditions, so please let me know if I'm doing anything wrong-it would be a big help. :)

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I tried on an orc voice.