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Large group submission

Hi team,

I'm a director and a professor of acting, improv, and characterization at a strong BFA program, so I'm mentor to quite a few very talented young actors. Recording several voice actors in the same session would have the beneficial effect of loosening them up, helping them have fun with it, making them sound spontaneous and social, as opposed to stilted and sitting in a closet. Also, they'd have the benefit of my presence as their teacher/director -- having played all the Elder Scrolls games (as well as being a fan of Fallout, Bioshock, etc.) I think I can help them understand the appropriate style/energy. Finally, I could certainly recruit multiple female actors, which I assume would be in higher demand.

Would the team be interested in a bundle of submissions like that? Are there appropriate 'smaller' roles that we could take a swing at in one session? Then you could cherry-pick what you want. We'd do our best, but I'd have no ultimate personal stake in whether our submissions are used or not -- I see it as a fun afternoon and a good teaching opportunity for some of my strong character actors.

Either way: cheers, and best of luck on the project! Can't wait to pour some hours into the result one day.


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Hi Neil, Smitehammer and

Hi Neil, Smitehammer and Hankshaw are the two people you'd probably want to personal message on the site here about this sort of thing as they handle actor coaching/assignment.

Most NPCs have around 200 lines, so I don't think that's the sort of thing one could do in a single "session" (depending on definition), especially if you have multiple people trying to record. We also try to get our voice actors to be dedicated and cover more than a single NPC as it bloats our filesize and increases the technical work needed. Additional NPCs beyond the initial NPC tend to range in the 30-60 additional lines per NPC as for a given VA we try to have their characters share a lot of the base combat/greeting dialogue, and then vary it via how many unique VAs and NPCs we have in-game. So you can see that there is an economy of scale tied to having dedicated VAs.

Also, I would tend to expect that multiple VAs in a single session recording would be a bit of a time-waster honestly as they're doing lines that don't relate to one another and a fair amount of time could easily be sucked up trying to QA one individuals sound problems while everyone else waits around. You have to remember that most people don't have ideal conditions and sometimes have to set up pretty inventive sound proofing techniques to get their recording spaces up to par.

If you were thinking of doing this with your students however, in a space that is ideally setup, that could work, but keep in mind the length of the NPC scripts when thinking about the viability of this process. It sounds interesting however, and I encourage you to PM Smitehammer and Hankshaw, I just wanted to throw the facts out there so you have a good sense of the amount of time required. Cheers,

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There are several characters

There are several characters which may work - ones with much fewer lines (though they will all need attack lines and such). I will need to speak with OldManLaertes and Taerkalith to make sure they're set though. By when were you hoping to record?

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This setup sounds perfect for

This setup sounds perfect for recording back-and-forth dialogue between NPCs. An example from Skyrim is the opening scene with Alduin's first appearance. Also there's a lot of banter between Esbern and Delphine. An example with less lines, is Jarl Balgruuf and his whats-his-name advisor discussing an impending dragon attack.

I wonder if Skywind has any such situations?