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Are you willing to work with beginners?

Hello Skywind team! I recently wanted to try my hand at voice acting, and I thought this project would be a nice place to start. I just ordered an Audio Technica AT2020 mic with a pop filter, so I think that should be up to your standards.

Point is, I have little to no actual experience with voice acting (other than making silly voices occasionally, to the dismay of my friends.) I'm wondering if you are willing to work with beginners. I understand that you probably don't have the time to work individually with me on a regular basis, but would you be willing to give a bit of feedback now and then?

I'll submit my audition to the appropriate forums once my mic arrives and I find time to record. If things work out, I'm willing to voice multiple characters across different races (though I'm probably more suited to voicing Imperials since I'm American)

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Same here, got Blue Yeti and
Same here, got Blue Yeti and nearly dead silence room
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I'm not a lead/admin in the

I'm not a lead/admin in the VA department, but I think it's safe to say, that beginners can actually still be very good voice actors. So it all depends on the quality of your setup, and if you're able to deliver lines, not how much VA experience you've had in the past. 

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Audition in one of the race

Audition in one of the race-based audition threads under "volunteer" and if you can bring the goods, regardless of your experience, then you would be accepted.