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XL Engine

Hey guys if you do not know already, there is a remake in the progress for a new engine to be able to play old games back in the late 90's and it is called XL Engine. Currently, it is still in development and the creator LuciusDXL has dedicated a massive amount of time since 2008 to build the engine. Some of these games are Star Wars: Dark Forces, The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall, Blood and Outlaws. So far, he has made a lot of progress with his engine and soon enough DaggerXL (Daggerfall) should be out for the XL Engine with enhanced features such as moddability, higher resolutions, bug fixes and much more! To see more follow these websites:

     www.xlengine.com - The Official Site for the XL Engine

     www.facebook.com/XLEngine - The Unofficial XL Facebook page

     (P.S. I created and now manage the unofficial XL site!)

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I've been looking forward to

I've been looking forward to this for a while now. I tried playing Daggerfall last year but it had a pretty clunky UI and combat, hopefully mods will improve it.