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~ALPHA~ FRONTIERS (Adventure, RPG, Casual) *Advertising*

FRONTIERS, the first indie game from AAD Productions!

I just donated 70 dollars, so I feel obligated to advertise. :P

If you have extra money, please consider donating! (I am not affiliated or anything)

Steam Greenlight is here:

Official page is here:

And the FRONTIERS Kickstarter entry is here:

And finally some Google+ love:

This game is currently made by only TWO people, which is amazing in itself!

Lars Simkins is the Lead Developer

Steve Barnes is the Music Composer

FRONTIERS Trailer 1 - Alpha Gameplay


FRONTIERS - Video Update 1 - Structures FAQ


FRONTIERS - Book Learning - Alpha Gameplay


FRONTIERS Orb Encounter - Alpha Gameplay


FRONTIERS Fast Travel - Alpha Gameplay


FRONTIERS Food Prep - Alpha Gameplay


Tree villages? Naw.

Open cities? You've got to be kidding!

This reminds me of Stargate SG-1. :P

Randomly generated housing. :3

Campsite in the woods.

Vast world to explore.

Immersive and unique dungeons to discover and explore.

Intuitive fast-travel mechanisms: NOT like Elder Scrolls!!!

Sneek peek of fast travel.


Semi-underwater structures.

Interiors similar to Daggerfall.

Another look at tree villages. ^-^

Skyrim better take a look at this!

Looks kind of like Thief II: The Metal Age doesn't it?

Elsweyr done correctly.

Crafting system similar to Minecraft.

Quirky skill trees.

Existing Features

Stuff I've got working / prototyped / built:

  • Massive open world - last I measured the game world is larger than Oblivion, and there are still a few regions to create. Plus, you'll never encounter an immersion-killing 'Turn Back' message - all barriers in the game are completely organic. Go anywhere, any time - there are no restrictions.
  • Hundreds of structures - many with secret passages and hidden rooms! Some of these structures are truly enormous, folks. My playtesters have been shocked at how vast they feel. Moreover, they're a part of a seamless game world, so there's no loading when entering or exiting. Looking out a window from the top of a fifty-story tower means you can see the vast landscape around you.
  • A rich and detailed world history - I've spent months writing a backstory that lives comfortably in the world of high fantasy, but with a few twists and tweaks I think you'll all have fun with.
  • An epic central mystery - along with the backstory is a massive non-linear present-day story. Best of all, you're free to ignore it if you choose!
  • Dynamic path system - create, destroy and alter paths as you explore. This unique feature lets you put your mark on the world and customize it to match your play style. If you like winging it and doing everything on foot, you can ignore them entirely. On the other hand if you like planning routes and fast traveling, you're going to love them.
  • Immersive fast travel - unlike most open world RPGs where fast travel feels like teleportation, fast travel in FRONTIERS won't break your sense of immersion. You get to watch as your character makes the journey, with the sun rising & setting and the landscape rolling by. You can even set the pace of travel yourself - zip along at 20x speed or soak in the scenery at 5x speed. Check out a video of fast travel in action here.
  • Live off the land - hunt, trap, fish and cook over 30 varieties of plantlife (including hallucinogens!) and a dozen varieties of animal.
  • Minecraft-style crafting system - craft items using blueprints that you find, buy or create yourself with the Reverse Engineer skill. There are already dozens of craftable items with many more planned.
  • Dozens of skills to discover and learn - an 'RPG lite' skill system that rewards exploration with perks and abilities without punishing you for not grinding and leveling up. Gain skills by reading books, from NPCs or just by doing. Best of all, it's possible to ignore the skill system entirely and still enjoy yourself.
  • Continue playing after the end - if you reach the end of the central story, you can continue playing indefinitely.

Planned Features

Stuff I plan to implement if the game gets funded:

  • Occulus Rift support
  • Controller support
  • Linux / Mac support
  • A haunting soundtrack for every region, courtesy of Steve Barnes
  • Written Lore - the backstory distributed throughout the world in books, rumor and whispered secrets for you to discover and piece together as you explore
  • A full skill-based magic system with magical items and attacks
  • More animals and creatures
  • More plants and tree species
  • More cities and towns! Cities and towns are so much bloody fun
  • Many, many more items, weapons, potions and books
  • More of everything!

Hoped-For Features

Stuff I want to do but can't promise for sure. I'm optimistic though!

  • Co-op multiplayer
  • Full mod support
  • Full character customization system - at the moment you can choose your gender, but that's about it. I would love to create a proper personalization system.
  • Character-built and owned structures - aside from co-op this is the most-requested feature, and there's a good chance I can make it happen
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Crap; how do I delete

Crap; how do I delete comments? -.-"

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You wait for a moderator to

You wait for a moderator to delete it :-P

I suggested to the developers of this game that they could focus on a tablet or phone version in the future, because everything is very optimized (simply) as far gameplay and graphics. So rather than competing with state-of-the-art computing, the market could be quite specific. Looks good anyway.

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A world like that on a

A world like that on a mobile? I'd definitely buy such a thing if I could play it anywhere on the iPhone. :)

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If anyone still cares on

If anyone still cares on here, he made a crafting 101 alpha gameplay video on YouTube.
It looks like there is going to be a similar main menu like that of Oblivion. ^-^