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The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard

i thought this ma be interesting because the rumors of the next dlc say it gone be calt redguard and as some knowe there is already a game calt redguard so i youtube it 


and after seeing this and reading todd howard a name i like to see in elder scroll stuf i just wanted to play it

but finding the game is hard i found it on pirate bay would share link but rule's say i cant 

and 1ns u play it its a very good game even whit its age the combat is hard/weird but al the npc talk and a lot what is strange because it was made before morrowind the story i find interesting and i got the freedom of doing what u like even if it isn't that big of a place but the lore is like some 1 play't skyrim and than made this game 

so whit this i hope to get intrest in this game and 1 day maby even get it to be remade 

also sorry for the bad english​  

post what u like about  this game ore not