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Hi there
It's funny, I was just thinking a couple of days ago that Morrowind ported to Oblivion, taking the awesome setting of TES3 and adding to it the nice gameplay tweaks of TES4, would be amazing. And lo and behold, I stumble across this. Having downloaded the mod (after capering around the room with glee for a bit), I have to say I was INCREDIBLY impressed. I was expecting something really minimalist and lacking, but this is actually incredibly solid. Of course there's still a fair bit more to do, and so I thought I might offer my help. I'm useless with any form of graphics stuff unfortunately, but I was a pretty dab hand with the old TES3 construction set and, after tinkering around with the TES4 model, I think I can handle that fine too. I've already managed (for my own amusement) to copy over one of Morrowind's quests (Death of a Taxman), as well as tweak the Morrowind guards so they, well, work (haven't got jail cells in yet though so it's only sort of 'work'). On the offchance you haven't done either of those yet you're welcome to them. Other than that I'd be glad to know what quests and so forth still need doing so that I might be able to help out with those. Love your work so far!