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Raflod the Braggart
Hello I am a Polish (I live in Italy) Morrowind modder. My interest in Morrowind modding is Animation, and I spent very much time (and swear) to figure out how to use animation in Morrowind. As you know, it's the hardest part as it's hardcoded. The Morroblivion idea is a great one, you don't need any heavy data, just a smart program that converts objects from Oblivion to Morrowind. I love Morrowind modding, but it has huge limitations for the mods I want to (try to) make. Having Morrowind restored under the Oblivion graphic side is a good thing. And there is also the animation issue, that is, you know that animation in Oblivion is more accessible. That would help a lot with my mods. I tried several times to install (unsuccessfully) Morroblivion, but somehow I did it with my other computer, and I could visit Balmora. The impact was absolutely awesome. Even though Balmora looked empty, even though there was no dialogue/quests, even though there were the ugly Oblivion faces, even though it worked with less than 10 fps on my poor computer, it impressed me. As for the dialogue/quests, they say you have trouble to convert that part. I will take a look at this problem when I will have time. Finally, this is a good project. That's why I will keep an eye on this project. Best regards, Raflod.
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Could you give me a hand
Could you give me a hand getting started with animating for Morrowind? I'd love to try but I'm not sure how it's done :( I have done animations and films before which might help me...
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If you get the animations....
If you get the animations done, tell me, I really want my running and jumping animations improved, that's always been lacking in the elder scrolls series.