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Update the Skywind FAQ with more info?

From what I understand the Skywind project will run through skyrim, but what are the changes to vanilla skyrim if this is the case?

1) Will Skywind change anything when im just trying to play regular skyrim? like my skyrim characters perk trees or stats?

2) Will my saved games still work after uninstalling the mod or will my saved game be dependent on this mod? Will it ruin my existing characters?

3) Will skywind have a separate launcher from skyrim?

4) What exactly is being added to the original morrowind experience to make it work for skyrim? How much has changed? What has changed?

5) Will there be more then one version of Skywind to choose from? Will there be Mods for it supported on this website?

6) How much of a direct port is this? How much is made from scratch?

7) What is currently done and what still needs to be finished to reach a playable state for the game?

I just hope answers to these questions get added to the FAQ so I can understand exactly whats going on and what the project is about. I remember a while back it was decided that instead of it being a direct port like morroblivion, it was going to be something new completely and remade. I didn't even figure out that it wasn't going to be a direct port until a few months ago and im not sure how to feel about that with so little known. Some of my friends feel as if its going to be far too different from morrowind and lost interest. I myself am wondering how much has changed and if it will still be... morrowind...

This is just an outsiders perspective from someone who checks in with the project once a month or so... It also looks as if the FAQ hasn't been updated in the last few years or so...

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It is luckily more than an

It is luckily more than an update, so no, you won't have the same feeling than you had 14 years ago. They take freedom from the "basis material" (have a look at the concept arts for instance), that's what is interesting. Yeah, they might disappoint the ones who had an oposite view on the "basis material"... But, the great thing about this project is that the community can give its opinion, bring ideas, points of view as long as they're contructive, so if you hold something dear and have good reasons to, talk, participate, involve yourself ! Where I come from, we would say "bring your stone to the building".

To me, being a bit diferent does not mean loosing interest, but earning some. Of course it will be Morrowind, you'll recognise Balmora, Caldera, the storyline, the culture, state of mind of inhabitants, conflicts et caetera. But enriched with a lot of new ideas while according to the lore and being coherent between them so nothing will seem out of place.

Hope this answers to your concern ! (and you can understand my poor english x))

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Will_xillow, that was so well

Will_xillow, that was so well said!