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Two Bugs I noticed.

Hey everyone :)

I was just running around the game when I noticed two bugs I wanted to bring to the attention of the community. The first one is right outside Pelagaid, one of the giant mushrooms has some turned edges, or hidden polys. This looks like one of the completed models, and this one is pretty clearly visable. A screenshot is provided below.


The second one is when I was scaling Red Mountain, when I got to a certain point, everything turned red. I know that it is supposed to be this color, but its a little to red. You can barely see anything in front of you. This is the first part to this problem, but the second is that this redness is persistant, and even if you run down the mountain and head towards the coast, the redness is still there. Screenshot below.


If I come across any other errors, Ill post in the forums! I'm excited to waste millions of hours in Skywind! :)


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Lol, two bugs. Just hold off

Lol, two bugs (in reality we have a swarm of bugs). Just hold off on bug reports, we are a waaaaaaayz off bug fixing.

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isen't it a quite good sign

isen't it a quite good sign he just found 2 then? (-;