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[WIP/RLZ] Busy Roads

Just a little something I am slowing building. This is based on the numerous Skyrim mods which add people to the landscape. Right now, this mod adds some pilgrims, mages, and merchants to Skywind. Only to the main island for now. Due to the limited navigation mesh (I assume that is the cause), you may see these actors stuck in one spot or worse spend all day walking into a wall. Hopefully as the pathing improves, you will see this work better.

You can buy/sell from the merchants. There are 5 and they have set locations to visit. Same with the mages. The pilgrims will go to some of the shrines (but not inside Ghostgate). All respawn so the roads won't become empty over time.

I don't expect this to be perfect. I hope to tweak the actors as well as add many other types of people to Skywind. I'm think of some patrols, wandering bandits, etc.

Just extract and place into your Data folder.

File Skywind Busy Roads mod5.79 MB