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These forums are mainly setup for those wanting to contribute. If you are wanting to help the project, find an appropriate section that you think you'll be able to help with and read through the tasks available. Requests, suggestions and general lore notations are fine, but we have this in spades, and don't get us any closer to a release. At this stage we need contributors if we are to have any chance of playing the game
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3004 Waters of...
by Tajnarasha
3 hours 1 min ago
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Please do not start a thread in this forum unless you are a contributor
Subforums: Mechanics (456), Cut Scenes (160), Media and Branding (755), Legal (64)
2735 Dark Elf...
by Deadman001
2 days 9 hours ago
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1592 Idle Banter...
by Entreri
4 hours 54 min ago
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Every single model and texture that made up the world of Morrowind needs to be created from scratch for legal and esthetic reasons. We need 3d and 2d artists to claim and redo these.
Subforums: Environmental Models and Textures (4072), Armor and Clothing (1492), Weapons (774), Creatures (2228)
8617 [RELz]...
by griff5n
2 months 1 week ago
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Best way for beginner/intermediate Creation Kit users to help by Cluttering, Lighting and Navigation Meshing Interiors
Subforums: Caves and Mines (284), Daedric Shrines (186), Common Interiors (56)
630 Cookie...
by zilav
3 weeks 4 days ago
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5135 DARK ELF...
by Cabius
17 min 7 sec ago
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2187 Fresco
by Mway1
7 hours 10 min ago
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904 [HUB] MUSIC ...
by Rushfan97
13 hours 34 min ago
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479 How Can I...
by Smerk
12 hours 55 min ago
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Only those with intermediate/advanced Creation Kit experience and hundreds of hours to spare on this task should sign up for this
931 Landscapers...
by SneakyKhajiitan
2 days 10 hours ago
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Problems with installation, bugs, etc.
1458 Future...
by LASentry
2 months 4 days ago
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Forum for posting REL and WIP threads
2305 [RELz]...
by Jnsrshwn DRAGONBORN
3 weeks 1 hour ago