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Trying to correct a mistake

Hey guys! Created and logged in  here sometime about a week or so ago to join the test for Skywind! Unfortunately; I didn't download all of the items need to play. I still need to Install Pack; but now, it's no longer available for download! I really wanted to play and help test this game; as I love testing new games like I do for TESO. Is there some way I can still get the Install pack so I can play? I really really want to play this game! Thanks; Rat



P.S. Attach is the two files I did download just to show I was here when the option was still available, I just screwed up and didn't finish.

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Sorry, you'll have to play

Sorry, you'll have to play Morroblivion in the meantime. The next release of Skywind is piling up on content!

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Honestly, it wasn't in a

Honestly, it wasn't in a really playable state. Just hang tight and wait for the finished product, it'll be worth it!