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Quested weapons

Since we don't seem to have a way to utilize some weapons (darts, throwing stars, and the like), I've wondered if any quested items that are this category need to be changed to something else. While "exploring" one of the manor homes in Ald'ruhn, I found the 4 Darts of Judgement are now "Daggers". Does a person really need to carry around 4 when they only have 2 hands? Maybe they should be arrows?

Second issue is the Wizard's Staff. Since this is just an Ebony staff, shouldn't the MG quest allow for other staffs made of Ebony? Could I craft my own at some point?

Just thinking out loud again...

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I think at this time its too

I think at this time its too soon to rule out throwing weapons. I know that alexb has been investigating ways to get them working. Worst case scenario, there are mods that implement throwing weapons in Skyrim (With no new anims from what I can tell). So I can see a time when we will have throwing weapons in the game in one way or another.

Same goes for any placeholder weapon at this time. Lets see what happens down the path before making a decision.