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New Kwama Worker/Warrior concepts, and the Forager Parasite.

So we agreed the bear didnt really work on the kwama though alex did a good job on the creature with zbrush.

We're trying the spider, but this is going to require some creative playing with a skeleton that cant be morphed much.

The spider has 5 pairs of legs, 2 sets of jaws, and a tail.

By using different legs, we can use the same skeleton to create a 4 legged creature, and a bipedal creature that attacks with 2 arms.

apologies for the quick terrible concept, but this is a paint over of the spider in bipedal mode.

The forager parasite would move, the tail, and the antenna/feelers.

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Looks creepy as hell. Looks

Looks creepy as hell. Looks good though :)

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Release something like that

Release something like that in the image, and you'll sure scare the shit out of people.

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nowe i am thinking about it i

nowe i am thinking about it i dont knowe  this frostspider imige looks super wierd in my mind the warrior is realy human like cant you just make the warrior to a dwemer centurion so it acts a bit human like but isnt and for the worker the bear works wel cant see a other skeleton fit it beter even if u adjust it a lot