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[WIP] Temple of the Ancestor Moths

One thing that I loved about Skyrim was the attention to detail, and that all the dungeons and locations have a unique look and feel to them. I am also interested in adding some aspects of the PGE 1st Edition Cyrodiil lore into Skyblivion (What wasn't completely retconned, anyway). Since the various cults are so significant in Imperial Culture (at least with the Nibenese), I decided to update the Temple of the Ancestor Moths, giving it a unique and updated feel. Now, the Temple's isolated location serves more of a purpose, as it is in an ancestor glade. It uses the Canticle Trees and moth textures from Dawnguard, so if the plan is for Skyblivion to not require it then I can replace the models and textures with something similar, or it could just not be merged.



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nice it looks a lot beter

nice it looks a lot beter good work

makes it look more personel than the copy past stuf u get in oblivion