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Request for Terrain and Locational Mod Release

First of all, thank you to everyone who has been involved with these projects. I look forward to the day when I will be able to play the old Morrowind (14-years old) and Oblivion (10-years old) games in a newer engine.

Secondly, I'd like to suggest that the SkyWind and SkyBlivion projects be separated into two different, but related components. In clarification, I'd like to see the resources split between locational resources and everything else. This would allow the location resources to be released to the public and be able to be used by other modders in order to create the ability to revisit old locations at a future time. For example, allow the player to revisit Morrowind and Cyrodiil in the Skyrim timeline. The locational resources would just be made available via a normal mod instead of a total conversion, so the places could be visited in-tandem with the Skyrim storyline.

If it were me, I'd release the following mods:



These ESMs would include the following:
Regional Architecture
Major Cities
Regional Items
Regional Spells and Diseases
Regional Factions
Regional Creatures

Nothing else would be included, allowing modders to modify the existing major cities as they may look in the future and to add their own smaller towns and things across the terrain. No NPCs or Quests or anything of that sort would be included since anything from that time would be long dead and lost.

When TES6 comes out and any future TES games as well, it would be nice to do a straight conversion of these resources and add the previous game resources with each progressive game. Then, as total conversion projects and improvements to old resources are made, these mods could be dynamically improved by the community and benefit not only the total conversion projects, but also anyone who wishes to build upon revisiting the old location in a newer timeline.


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Skyblivion and Skywind are

Skyblivion and Skywind are being developed separately. Anything more detailed about .bsa divisions, you really have to be on the team or else you don't really know enough to be able to talk about how we're separating our resources. We don't plan on supporting modular drops of our assets outside of the skywind project - a bunch of reasons for this.

BeyondSkyrim is focusing on some of what you're talking about. We're not generally opposed to sharing assets if requests are made provided the asset author doesn't have any fundamental issues with it.

Bringing the custom made assets to the next TES is a possibility. We'll cross that bridge when it shows up in 2-5 years - but the assets being developed now should work nicely in any modern engine.

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Alright... I just felt that a

Alright... I just felt that a great opportunity is being missed with so many people out there that have built and continue to build mods. If the regional assets would be made available as a separate mod from the total conversion, then the locations could have whole new stories, towns, cities, people, etc built into them for each game much like how SummerSet Isles and Elsweyr were attempted for Skyrim.

Basically, SkyWind and SkyBlivion could provide a base mod from which many modders could build out the time- and story- relevant content.

The above 3 examples for mods were just that, examples for how you could logically separate the geographic and region-specific assets from the other assets that are geared toward the total conversion. There was nothing meant there to influence how you currently have your resources organized.