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Noobie Question

Hello.  So I'm still very new to modding overall.  I did some minor modding back in Morrowind, but I never was able to do so for Oblivion, Skyrim, or the Fallouts.  Now I'm trying to get my skills up so that I can be useful to this project, but I wanted to understand something before I moved forward, that way I could think my way through the processes logically while I'm practicing.

Primarilly, I'd like to know how it's done to port the older game's assets into the Skyrim creation kit so that the final product will require both games.  How is it done taking Morrowind and putting it into Skyrim?  I realize that there's a lot of new meshes and textures and the like being created, but I'm talking about the initial, here's this stuff and we're putting into this other game and the new mod won't work without the old game.  Maybe it's becuase I don't fully understand modding yet, particularly in Skyrim, but I just can't seem to figure out how this is done.  Can it be done with other games?  Like, could I do the same thing with KotOR or something and stick it into the skyrim engine and then get to work on meshes and textures and the like?  (Obviously not a feasible project, but I'm trying to understand.)

Thanks in advance for any answers.  I appreciate the help.