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New member and first impressions!

Right guys, well let me first say this project has completely blown my mind and also saved me from wasting money over Christmas! Ive hammered Oblivion and Skyrim to death on xbox and pc but my pc was never upto spec when Morrowind first came out so I never played much (I got stitched up with the Nvidia FX series instead of a radeon 9800 :D). So over the holidays i bought the entire lot on steam and was faced with some real annoying issues - I now use a 360 pad on my pc, sacrilage I know but the machine is in the lounge. Oblivions pad support on pc horrendous, Morrowind engine is well, a bit crap and the big mod packs you can get make it run like a 3 legged horse in exteriors... 

Then I saw Skywind on a youtube video and youve made my purchases completely worthwhile :) Seriously guys, I know youve pulled the public release but I couldnt resist hunting it down and trying it for myself and all I can say is wow! After a few hours just simply exploring and chatting with a few npcs Im really amazed at what youve done and cant wait to see what the future holds for this project. I downloaded the fast travel mapmarkers and its great being able to jump out of Skyrim and explore whenever I want!

Thanks for your effort and time that youve invested, in the least arse kissing way you guys are legends!

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