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For those of you who are without the Games Needed

I stumbled apoun a effective and affordable method for most players to get ready for The Tesrewal Project. As many of use have most the games and DLC, some players do not. An instead of spending 100$ I believe it varies on all the games and their DLC, You can get them all for a low price of 40$ or cheaper. 

Bethesda has a bundle Called: Elderscrolls Anthology,

It is every game from Arena-Skyrim with all DLC's and Maps all together in a neat Book. An I think it is perfect for those of use who want to obtain new copyies, or just collect Elderscrolls items. 

I feel this was important to make a topic of, after discussing it in Public Chatroom on the site.


This is also carried by Gamestop,Walmart,Bestbuy,Target,Amazon, and Ebay, though I suggest either getting it from the store, or Amazon as I don't trust Ebay. 

IF this was helpful then I have completed one task in trying to help this community, I Wave to all you here at the community who help to make this dream come to life. 

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