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Amazing mage guild mod request.

Could someone please create a magic guild mod for Xbox and Pc where there’s a mage guild hall added in every town as well as a few spread out randomly across skyrim and Solstheim. Each would have its own guild symbol on all the members and halls, each guild hall would have at least one mage of every race as unique guild members with their own unique Magic’s and names (maybe get permission from phenderixs magic worlds to work with his mod to add more types of magic in the game), and then at least 5 other non unique with the name “guild mage” with basic magic. You would only be able to join one guild. The guilds would take job requests from around skyrim on a board and you could take the jobs and report back the to guild master. There could be a few evil dark guilds hidden underground mixed around Skyrim that attack whatever guild you decide to join and you would have to go around battling them but after you take them all down they all repopulate, and the quests repeat on taking them down. I would like it if each dark guild was more powerful than the last each bearing the symbol of their dark guild somewhere on them and their guilds halls. So as you’re doing the quests to take down the guilds it seems like you’re progressing and when the quests restart it would keep getting harder from the last time. The dark guilds would have regular mages, necromancers, vampires, werewolves, and anything like that you could think of. There are random vampire/dawngard spawn attacks that happen in skyrim it would be cool to replace that with the dark guilds attacking. It would be cool if you could figure out how to add the emblem of the guild you pick to your arm or chest or maybe if you can’t get emblem tattoos on the members and yourself give each guild custom robes with the emblem on them somewhere. It would also be cool if each guild had its own custom follower mage to help you go on jobs from the request board so when you make your guild choice you have a mage buddy. The collage would remain neutral among the guilds maybe add dialogue to guild members mentioning being a student at the college at one point add a rivalry dialogue between the good mages guilds and each towns villagers could have dialogue about their mages Guild and their city good and bad. It’s also very important all of the guild members good and dark have no weapons, no shields, no armor unless it’s a robe, no staffs and no arrows.  Especially the followers. 

I don’t think Skyrim has enough magic related quests or really anything magic related, and this would add a lot of magic to Skyrim without adding that much content. All lore friendly. If anyone could make this they would be my hero. 

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Will check everything here

Will check everything here for sure. Thanks!