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SkyBlivoWind Armor Style

Okay, so from what I read from the FAQ for Skywind to do with armor style, you can put on armor like Morrowind, with pauldron's and gauntlets and stuff, so, what I was wondering was... PLEEEEASSE DO THE SAME FOR SKYBLIVION!!!! And even then perhaps make a mod which does the same for Skyrim's armor?! PLEEASE!? C'mon developers! YOU CAN DO IT!!! PS: Sorry if this seems a bit... beggy... I just want to have my character wearing a cloak/robe with pauldrons and gauntlets again.

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I think it will have to

I think it will have to depend on the people who are working on skyblivion. It would take allot more time making skyblivion be this way but I hope they do it as well.:)

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I Think

I think They will make it in a few months after Skywind

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i think skyblivion

i think skyblivion developement will start almost instantly ;)

we will probably implement some armors added by modders into skyblivion :P

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I've already seen some

I've already seen some conversions of oblivion weapons and a few armors somewhere. The problem with armor is that we need to split them in two parts like in the original game. Andynevs started to work on this but I don't know if he will continue...