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[RELz] The Oblivion bards

Hi! just a little something i did for fun but thought i would share it! added bards to the following Inn's.. 

Aleswell Inn.  The All-Saints Inn.  Bleaker's Way. Goodwill Inn.  The Bloated Float Inn.  Border Watch Inn.  Brina Cross Inn.  Cheydinhal Bridge Inn.  The Drunken Dragon Inn.  Faregyl Inn.  Gottshaw Inn.  Imperial Bridge Inn.  Inn of ill omen.  The Merchants Inn.  Moslin's Inn.  Roxey Inn.  Wawnet Inn.  West Weald Inn.  The feed bag. 

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I always felt Oblivion needed

I always felt Oblivion needed some actually up-beatness (know thats not a word but just go with it) in its inns. Great Work.