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Supplementary Mods for Skyblivion

Hi, I've been following your mod and I can say I like it and I'd want to see it finished soon. So I would like to address you to some already-done material in the Nexus, Workshop and ModDB that may help you finish your mod very quickly and with very hd models.

SoSP - Summer and Winter is a very interesting mod as it has all those trees/grass/brushes needed for all regions of Cyrodiil in Skyrim-high detail.

SkyMoMod V12 - Can be found in Skyrim ModDB. Has all the creatures you need for Oblivion. All the Undead, Minotaurs as well as Clannfear, Scamp and Xivilai. Btw, I like the Scamp and Xivilai as seen in SkyMoMod better.

Steel Armor from Oblivion can use the Helmet from Hedge Knight Armor(nexus) and armor/gauntlet/boots from Witcher 2 Style Heavy Plate (workshop).

Lore Weapon Expansion in Nexus has so many weapons from Oblivion and Morrowind in Very High Detail.

aMidianBorn Blades Armor in nexus is the best version of Blades Armor you can find.

For Dremoras - Dremoras have different ranks in Oblivion and it's logical that they would wear different armors. Churls, Caitiffs and Kynval can use the Daedric Assasin Armor for warrior and the Black robe for mages. Kynreeve and Kynmarcher can use the Daedric Reaver Armor and a light-looking version of the Daedric Mage Armor for mages. Markynaz and Valkynaz may use the heaviest looking ver. of Daedric Mage armor for mages, as for melee, Markynas seem fit for the Daedric Lord Armor while Valkynaz for the Daedric Armor standard to Skyrim.

For Empire - Nexus has Perfect Legionnaire - Imperial Armor Reforged a version of which(steel breastplate without fur) can be used for Imperial City Guards. Here http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=17587 is a version of the Imperial Dragon Armor I absolutely love. Imperial Mage Armor from Nexus does not exist in Oblivion but it's lore friendly and I think it should be in.

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I believe they have already
I believe they have already finished some of the imperial arnors if I'm not mistaken. And I'm not sure how the higher ranking devs feel about incorporating stuff not from the mod projects site, but it seems like a good idea to me. But as far as the creature models I recall seeing some but they just weren't top notch. The minotaur for example was obviously a reskinned giant.
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The problem with the SkyMoMod

The problem with the SkyMoMod for the creatures is they are just reskins of Skyrim creatures (Using the same skeleton and animations). I have already proven that I can get the Oblivion creatures, skeletons/animations/meshes into Skyrim, so once I perfect the tool, I can automate that process very quickly, then we will just need some talented modellers to make them look awesome.