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Release Date for Skyblivion
I saw a forum where someone asked about the release date and you guys explained that it wasnt your priority right now. It was a while back so I just wanted to ask about the progress. Can we expect it before 2017?
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I think they are prioritising

I think they are prioritising Skywind before Skyblivion, so after Skywind (need verification for this). Also, these things take a while and there isn't a consistant work flow, so it is very hard to put a accurate release date on it. 

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As I understand it different

As I understand it different people are working on each project completely or almost completely independent of each other. Skywind simply has a more active presence. Also there is still a lot of work needed to be done to convert quests and scripts. I think at one point someone said that they may have to simply recreate some of the scripts but don't quote me on that.

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Skyblivion is a separate

Skyblivion is a separate project made by a different (very small) team. There's no linking between their release date. Besides, skyblivion is a tech project where advancements are made slowly due to the needing of all kinds of tricks, so a release date can't really be set. The progress are always documented by rebelzize using offical channels, so stay tuned

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As aerisarn said there is no

As aerisarn said there is no way to tell when the project is going to be completed. Progress will always be shared on our social media though and as soon as we have an idea when the mod is going to be released we will share it on all our official media channels!