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[Question] Monks in Oblivion - fleshing out Tamrielic Scholasticism

This is a request primarily for authenticity's sake, as I've found the monks in Oblivion to be distinctly thematically lacking.

Would it be possible to flesh out monasticism in Skyblivion with more books and written works?

To clarify my point here, monasticism in Europe, upon which Cyrodiilic monks are evidently based, were responsible for all contemporary philosophic and scriptural interpretation, and wrote many historical works too. The Annals of the Early Medieval period were comiled by Monks of early monastic orders. St Augustine, himself a monk, wrote the definitive work on scriptural interpretation, and even wrote a treatise reviving the study of Classical Rhetoric.

My point here is that Prior Maborel and Jauffre are such monks yet have no such works written in Weynon Priory. Gottesfront Priory similarly does not output any written works, and there is a noticeable lack of any interpretations of Nine Divine commandments despite this religion having been established for more than five centuries. With established monks, scholarly books on this topic and debates surrounding Tamrielic history should be far more prevalent than it is.

Would implementing this fleshing out of monastic lore in Cyrodiil be possible? Or would the undertaking be too great?

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better off asking this in the

better off asking this in the discord this site is never checked anymore