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Gameplay and style questions

Different parts of the The Elder Scrolls have different graphical style, different gameplay. Number of parts of armor, the visual look of the creatures, races.
How will it be implemented in Skyblivion? This is an improvement of TESIV or you make a single style and gameplay with Skywind? I really want to merging the style and gameplay of Skyblivion  and Skywind. To finally feel like playing a game of one universe.

Sorry for my bad English, I hope everything correctly explained.

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Skyblivion will be like
Skyblivion will be like Oblivion and Skywind will be like Morrowind   For example let's take the armor parts:
  • Skyblivion will have separated cuirass and greaves.
  • Skywind will have each part separated: 2 pauldrons, 2 gauntlets, greaves, boots, cuirass, and a helmet
Skywind will however take advantage of the Skyrim's new features, like smithing, crafting, mining... but they will be balanced carefuly not to interfere with Morrowind's original gameplay. Maybe Skyblivion will too but I don't know of it  

For more info just read the FAQ http://tesrenewal.com/skywind-faq & http://tesrenewal.com/content/skyblivion-faq and watch the dev videos on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uJwpaVwOaHM) and read the forum :)