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3D modeler looking to join!

Hello all,

I am Anthony aka Dr_Pennysworth looking to help out I will link my portfolio but ill go over a brife overview of my experience and knowledge.

Program experience

.Substance Designer

Bethesda games modded - sadly I can only prove my experience in Fallout 4. I have never published finished work on nexus I have only work on different mods to semi completion due to lack of a cheer learder or just someonw to work with. Never the less the games listed I have a pretty firm grasp of 85% of the full engines tools sets.

.Fallout 3
.Fallout NV
.Fallout 4(Nessa's Athenaeum Mod Updates:

.Fallout Shelter(if you count editing the DLL modding)



To sum up I hope my spelling and or grammer didnt ruin anyones brains. ALSO id love to lend a hand if you guys and or gals needs some help what I dont know I can try to learn.

With love,

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