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Your not gonna do it and even if you do it will suck

This whole project is set up to fail.

Morrowind was an excellent game. Morrowind was when the elder scrolls jumped the shark. Its graphics weren't the best and its combat was annoying when starting out a new character, but it left a major impression on almost everyone who played it. Even my friend who never even made it to level 5, thinks of Morrowind as "the one that got away".

I could list dozens of reasons why its a great game, but you all already know those reasons, hence why you are trying to remake it. But if you guys ever even manage to get it to the point of a full release,  I can pretty much guarantee you it will suck, it will be Morrowind in a far better graphical look, but not in feel.

Morrowind has a lot of little things that give it its own feel, and from reading the FAQ you guys plan on taking those out and swapping them with how Skyrim felt. Thats such a terrible idea im baffled fans of Morrowind came up with it. This project which was started because of a communities love for a great game is being done in a way that will ruin just what made that game so great.


If this game is going to play just like Skyrim and just look like Morrowind then ill tell as many people as I can that its an abortion of a remake. If your going to remake Morrowind then make an actual remake, not just a bunch of new textures and quests for Skyrim.

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no. someone please ban this guy or something?

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Dude, your comment is as

Dude, your comment is as worthy as your BF4 skills.

5% accurate : "Morrowind was an excellent game"
95% bullshit


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I tried to keep myself from

I tried to keep myself from wasting my time on that guy, but well, especially for him I read the whole FAQ, and I'm pretty sure he's reading a different text than I just did, if that's what he's basing his outrage on.

Well, for starters, Skywind is not a remake. It's more than that, taking best elements from both games and adding our own. That is re-imagining as far as my dictionary is concerned. There was a good chance of getting things like spears, underwater combat done, but well, people who knew how to do that just disappear. Disappear because of self entitled demanding assholes who don't contribute to the project, but for some reason think we owe them a Morrowind remake with fireworks and free blowjobs.

Damn it, and I hear this stuff just after I spent 3 months trying to get the tiniest of details to be lore friendly, fitting for Morrowind world, close to original for one piece of concept art. I probably shouldn't have wasted any time on that guy...

And yeah, mr. ShadeTelvanni, maybe you should expand on your statements. All you said is very general and anbiguous. If you have a point to make about details and "tiny Morrowind things", maybe you should have told us what details you're even talking about... But the how can I expect a civilised discussion from someone who doesn't even understand what they read.

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SlappyThePoptart wrote:

SlappyThePoptart wrote:

no. someone please ban this guy or something?

Yeah that would be pretty funny, if he don't like the idea of Skywind then someone can ban him from here so he will never be able to ever download it.


Also ShadeTelvanni I don't believe you understand what we are doing here, this isnt a mere remastering of Morrowind, think of it more like a full on reboot of the game, if you paid any attention to any of the threads then you would realize that Skywind will feature many new things such as voice acting which much of Morrowind severely lacked.

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I've always wondered why

I've always wondered why people who profess to dislike something, or not care about it, go to all the effort of publicly bitching.

Keep up all the amazing work by the way, I'd kill for half the talent you guys have.

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