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Resources and Assets

I would like to ask if there will be a resource mod containing all of your created models for buildings, rocks and, other for the community to use? I know there might be permission issues within the Renewal Team but a simple request. As for the assets, I would like a unique ship sunken under the ice filled Sea of Ghosts above Skyrim filled with Skywind chests filled with random quantities of all inventory/item assets such swords, shields, armor, cups, plates, potions, and whatever else for those who want these things in a Skyrim playthrough who might not play Skywind, but appreciate the art and creativity of you guys and want to stll use your creations. 

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There probably will be, but

There probably will be, but not until Skywind is released. And even then, it's a bit messy since many of the model-makers would want their stuff to be 'Skywind exclusives'. Projects that work on expanding or modifying Skywind, though, I can't imagine not being welcomed.

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We will have to chat with the

We will have to chat with the modelers, however I suspect that we will definitely allow modders to use our assets. We just need to get the correct crediting. There may even be a 'skywind asset pack' at some point for modders to branch off. However we do it will be up to the team closer to release though.