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REQUEST: Betty Netch Mod for Skyrim/Betty Netch Model for Download

Hey all! First I'd like to say, amazing work your team is doing. I've been excited for the release of this mod for years now. Absolutely well done. 

But I was wondering something. Would it be at all possible to request either a mod for Skyrim SE that simply replaces the vanilla Betty Netch model from the Dragonborn DLC with your more lore-friendly one, OR, a download of the Betty Netch model for Skywind so I can literally make the mod myself? lol

I saw that this question got asked some years back, but never really got answered properly. I understand that the Betty Netch you guys are using in Skywind is your own creation, and I would like to ask permission from you guys to do this so I can help bring a little bit more immersion to Skyrim. If I were to make this, full credit would go to you, and I would not be making any money from it whatsoever. I'd just be patching it to the main game. Unless you actually decide to make it a mod yourselves. Either way, it would do the old game a nice little favor.

If this is not cool, I also totally understand not wanting ANYTHING to leak, or things not being totally finished and ready for distribution yet, I just hate seeing that the Betty Netch got retconned. Contonuity and consistency mods are my favorite kind, and if you guys made this happen I, and the community imo, would be extremely grateful. 

Thanks! Hope to get a reply.

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Skywind is a volunteer

Skywind is a volunteer project so you'll have to ask the author or authors.

You might ask who the author is on the Skywind Discord server and give them a short and sweet PM for a yes or no, and don't send them an entire blog. I can imagine if I were busy with things and fighting with burnout and some guy or girl sent me 1,300 character wall of text, I'd probably just ignore them.