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Damien Underwood
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Kickstarter or Indiegogo?

To pay the modelers, the scripters, etc - the people that will push this project to the finish line. I spent 5 years building my own online game, I know the pain of when staff have to take haitus for exams, personal problems, money problems and the project grinds to a halt, especially with volunteer work. I started out with volunteers and eventually had to switch to paid help. Which of course opens its own can of worms such as; what about back-pay for all these wonderful donors and volunteers that have gotten me this far? But with all that being said, I still think a fund raiser could be in order here. So many of us want to help but we have terrible voices, we dont have a sound system to voice act, we dont know how to mod, or script, or texture, or model, we arent writers or artists. But we have money. I would love to give financially. There is so much left to do, tedious things left to do that arent so fun to volunteer for. The answer may be no because this is fan-made and is supposed to be out of the good of our hearts, but im so in love with this project I hate to see it go through those dead periods that I had to experience building my own game. 

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We have had hundreds of

We have had hundreds of volunteers over the years, all of which would suddenly feel entitled to some sort of money.

The can of worms opens up when bethesdas legal team gets involved.

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Thanks for the sentiment

Thanks for the sentiment Damien. Since we're modifying Bethesda's proprietary software we have to work within the confines of the EULA and that means no monetizing of our efforts. There is no real "ifs, and, or buts" about it. But yeah, if you've got some money, and a good voice, you can contribute monetarily by buying yourself a good mic and doing some VA ;)

anyone actually thinking of doing this should audition first for accent as we might not accept you, even with a good microphone, and that would be bad. We worry about quality later in the process. I'm only half joking about this....

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Things like payments for

Things like payments for people have to be established in advance, pre-development. At this point figuring out who should get something and how much, and contacting people who have done a lot of work but since gone AWOL... That'd have been an undertaking comparable in difficulty to making whole Skywind happen. And there'd still be people unhappy with what they get, or that others got more when in their opinion they didn't deserve... Nobody counted how many hours they've spent developing Skywind, and with many it's damn near impossible to even estimate.

Believe me when I say that if there was a way to monetize this project without seeding hatred and thus breaking the team, and spending countless hours figuring how to do it... It would've been monetized two years ago.

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As always i accept payments

As always i accept payments of free work